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Our Ruvo brand ironing board now with added padding

One of our fastest selling items, ironing boards, is almost always out of stock by the middle of each month since customers keep buying and replacing them. We are proud to introduce our first model of our Ruvo branded ironing board, the ‘RUVO Ironing Board with Heat Resistant Fabric’. The dimensions are (w109cm x d33cm) with a maximum extended height of 88.5cm. We know that the fabric cover is usually quickly damaged so we added more padding to make it a bit more durable. Come by and take a look for yourself at one of our 3 shops when you get a chance.

មួយនៅក្នុងចំណោមផលិផលដែលលក់ដាច់បំផុតនោះគឺ ក្តារអ៊ុត វាស្ទើរតែមិនមានស្តុកទេនៅពាក់់កណ្តាលខែនីមួយៗ ដោយសារតែអតិថិជននៅតែបន្តទិញជាបន្តបន្ទាប់។ពេលនេះ យើងខ្ញុំពិតជាមានមោទនភាពណាស់ក្នុងការបង្ហាញនូវផលិតផលថ្មីដំបូងម៉ាក Ruvo គឺ ‘RUVO Ironing Board with Heat Resistant Fabric’។វិមាត្ររបស់វាគឺ (109cm x 33cm) ជាមួយនឹងកម្ពស់អតិបរិមា 88.5cm។យើងខ្ញុំបានដឹងថា ជាទូទៅកំរាលរបស់ក្តារអ៊ុតគឺវាឆាប់ខូតណាស់ ដូច្នេះហើយយើងខ្ញុំក៏បានបន្ថែមនូវកម្រាស់របស់ក្តារអ៊ុតបន្ថែមទៀត ដើម្បីអោយការប្រើប្រាស់បានកាន់តែស្រួល នឹងកាន់តែបានយូរ។សូមអញ្ជើញមកជាវឆាប់ៗនេះ នៅគ្រប់សាខាទាំងបី។

Ruvo Ironing Board.jpgRuvo Ironing Board.jpg
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Great new drying rack available in stock now

Over the past few years, we have noticed that our clothes drying racks are some of our most requested products. We’ve stocked and sold out of quite a few different models at different price ranges and we are proud to introduce our newest one, the Ruvo Clothes Drying Rack (156 x 61.5 x 97 cm) available in all 3 of our Phnom Penh shops now. The space saving design makes it crucial for smaller homes but works real well in a big house as well. Come by and see them for yourself and get one or two of them for your home today.

ក្នុងរយៈពេលប៉ុន្មានឆ្នាំនេះ, ធ្នើសំរាប់ហាលសម្លៀកបំពាក់គឺជាផលិផលដែលលក់ដាច់បំផុត។ក្នុងនោះ យើងខ្ញុំបានដាក់លក់នូវម៉ូតជាច្រើន នឹងតំលៃផ្សេងៗគ្នា ហើយយើងខ្ញុំក៏មានមោទនភាពណាស់ចំពោះការដាក់លក់នូវផលិតផលថ្មីមួយគឺ ធ្នើហាលសម្លៀកបំពាក់ម៉ាក Ruvo (156 x 61.5 x 97 cm) ដែលមាននៅគ្រប់សាខាទាំងបីក្នុងរាជធានីភ្នំពេញ។ វាពិតជាងាយស្រួលណាស់ក្នុងការប្រើប្រាស់ នឹងរៀបចំទុកដាក់មិនថាផ្ទះតូច ឬក៏ផ្ទះធំឡើយ។ សូមអញ្ជើញមកជាវឆាប់ៗនេះ។

RUVO Clothes drying rack.jpgRUVO Clothes drying rack.jpg
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Our Instagram account គណនី Instagram របស់មជ្ឈមណ្ឌលជប៉ុនយេីងខ្ញុំ (ប្រទេសកម្ពុជា)

Dear JHC Fans,

As you know, we are a fan of different social media networks as we have mentioned in the past. One of the platforms we have used for a while now is Instagram and we have been filling up our Instagram feed with pictures since we opened our first retail shop in Boeung Keng Kang 1 giving customers a fresh look inside our stores and of course, the wonderful products and people within. We’d love to have you follow our Instagram feed (search for ‘JHC_Cambodia’ in the Instagram app for iOS or Android) to follow us today!

ជំរាបជូនអតិថិជនមជ្ឈមណ្ឌលជប៉ុនទាំងអស់ជាទីគេារព :

ដូចដែលលេាកអ្នកធ្លាប់បានដឹងហាងយេីងខ្ញុំគឺមានបណ្ដាញសង្គមជាច្រេីនផ្សេងៗគ្នាដែលយេីងខ្ញុំធ្លាប់បានប្រាប់ពីមុនរួចមកហេីយ ។ បណ្ដាញសង្គមដែលយេីងខ្ញុំធ្លាប់បានប្រេីប្រាស់រហូតដល់ពេលនេះគឺបណ្ដាញសង្គម Instagram ដែលយេីងខ្ញុំធ្លាប់បានបង្ហោះរូបភាពជាច្រេីនរួចមកហេីយចាប់តាំងពីយេីងខ្ញុំបេីកហាងលក់រាយដំបូងសាខាបឹងកេងកង ១ ដែលធ្វេីអេាយអតិថិជនរបស់យេីងខ្ញុំមានការចាប់អារម្មណ៏ជាខ្លាំងលេីហាងរបស់យេីងខ្ញុំដែលរូបទាំងអស់នេាះមានទាំងរូបផលិតផលនិងក្រុមការងាររបស់យេីងខ្ញុំផងដែរ ។ យេីងខ្ញុំពិតជារីករាយដែលមានអតិថិជនដូចជាលេាកអ្នក follow យេីងខ្ញុំក្នុងបណ្តាញសង្គម Instagram មួយនេះ (ស្វែងរក JHC_Cambodia  ក្នុង Instagram app សំរាប់  iOS រឺ Android) ដេីម្បី  follow យេីងខ្ញុំថ្ងៃនេះ ។

follow us on insta.jpgfollow us on insta.jpg
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Welcome to the new site

For those who are new to our website, welcome! For those who have been to Japan Home Centre (Online) before in the past, you’ll notice that there are quite a few changes to the site and a new layout as well. Along with the layout redesign, we’ve also changed the content around into different sections to make things easier to navigate.

Unfortunately, for those who signed up to our accounts before, that information did not carry over to this new site as we’ve switched providers. In due time, we will restart the user accounts but you would have to make a new account and password again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Our Toul Kork shop

Introducing our Toul Kork Shop. More space! More products! Please come to visit us soon!
Address: 10B, Street 355 (between TVK Tower and Camko City roundabout), Toul Kork
Tel: 061 700 701

សូមណែនាំសាខាថ្មីសាខាទួលគេាក។ ទីកន្លែងធំទូលាយ ផលិតផលច្រេីនប្រភេទ សូមអញ្ចេីញមកជាវឆាប់ៗនេះ!
អាស័យដ្ឋាន : ផ្ទះលេខ 10B ផ្លូវ 355 (នៅចន្លេាះអង់តែនទួលគេាក និង រង្វង់មូលកាំកូ) ខណ្ឌទួលគេាក
ទូរស័ព្ទ : 061 700 701

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Looking back at at our Tokyo trip


A year ago today, we posted this: 

Dear JHC Online followers, Home Pass members and fans, our product buying team were in Tokyo, Japan, last week to source the best products for our great customers in Cambodia! We’ve managed to find some great items which we’ll be bringing to our stores for the next little while so stay tuned and of course, come visit us when you get a chance!