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New products at our shops

Hope everyone is okay during these turbulent times. Now, on to a bit of good news: our new products have just arrived and is stocked onto our shelves just in time for some December holiday shopping. New items include our sofas and bigger storage and furniture items along with a lot of smaller and useful household items that’ll be a great fit for your home. Come by and see what we’ve got. Just as a preview, we’ve attached some photos we took of our Toul Kork shop (10B, Street 355 on the way to Camko City) for you to take a look at. By the way, if you’ve got questions for any of our teams at our shops, you can reach us either on Facebook or on Telegram directly (for our Toul Kork branch, our Telegram is +855 61 700 701). Have a great day ๐Ÿฅณ.

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